Rocktoberfest 2012 — We Own It!

by Yasmeen

10 October 2012
We own it!


We all went into this year's Rocktoberfest knowing it would be something special — the RRG community has been working toward this for a decade now; and on Saturday night, everyone at the venue got to celebrate together as the big check for the final payment on the PMRP was presented to the Access Fund. While that moment was a big part of Rocktoberfest, it wasn't all that comprised the weekend. Luckily, our amazing photographer, Elodie Saracco, made sure that no fun went undocumented. Since most of us can't be everywhere at once the way she was, check out her albums for an excellent visual run-down of the festivities.

Rock and Ice and Moosejaw have also posted write-ups of the event. :)

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who participated in the weekend — whether you are Emily Harrington and saved most of us a trip to Everest with your breathtaking pictures and amusing pre-summit video clips, or Karina, the bad-ass who won Bluegrass Bouldering's crate stacking comp (28 crates!); whether you competed in the Clip ‘n’ Go Comp on Saturday or learned new tricks from the pros at a clinic on Sunday; whether you belted out encouragement to the beasts in Benchmark's arm wrestling tourney or contributed quietly via the silent auction; whether you served dinner/the surprise late-night snack/breakfast to hungry attendees or Spencer Victory's water balloons to the Idiot Boy. We'll get you details when we finish crunching the numbers, but we are confident that this was by far the best money-raising Rocktoberfest ever!

You all made this happen. You are all the reason that WE OWN IT.