Clip ‘n’ Go 2012

by Yasmeen

10 October 2012

Our annual Clip ‘n’ Go Climbing Competition took place on Saturday, October 6th at the crags that branch off of the Sore Heel parking lot: Curbside, The Gallery, Volunteer Wall, Left Field, The Playground, Shady Grove, Bronaugh Wall, Purgatory, North 40, Courtesy Wall, Rival Wall, and What About Bob Wall. While the morning following the previous night's downpour was chilly and cloudy, the day ended up being one of the most beautiful so far this season. The 28 competitors had crisp temps and bluebird skies for most of their 10am–5pm window.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, the winners in each division won killer prizes, including hundreds of dollars in gift certificates and quickdraws they can use when they come back for more next year. :)

Teams: Beer
First: Beer 2
Second: Team Kaylin
Third: M.E.T.

Teams: Bourbon
First: Team Jeff GoldBloom with 306 points!
Second: Jeff & Yasi
Third: Carrie & Kimball

Women: Jalapeno
First: Laurel Hata
Second: Sami Bruce

Men: Jalapeno
First: Ben Kunz
Second: Jonathan Shen
Third: Andy Constantino

Women: Habanero
First: Tania Allen with 181 points and 21 routes!
Second: Sarah Brengosz
Third: Anna Hayes

Men: Habanero
First: Blake Bowling with 559 points and 40 routes!
Second: Dan Beck