Johnny & Alex Trail Day (JATD)

a photo of JATD 2014 participants standing upon a newly placed wooden bridge

2017 Johnny & Alex Trail Day (July 22nd) Signup is now open! Sign up here!

Looking for the 2016 JATD write-up!? Read it here!

Each Summer the RRGCC hosts an amazing trail day where you can join your friends for fun, food, festivities — and of course some hard work thrown in. The day begins with registration at Lago Linda's around 9am where you’ll receive your t-shirt (if you ordered one), and your lunch from Miguel's! Be sure to bring your own drink and snacks if you want extra. You'll be divided into trail crews by our Land Manager and tackle some of the larger problems on the over 1,000 acres you own! Work begins after a short safety talk and usually lasts until about 2 or 3 in the afternoon. At that time you can either head out climbing or return to Lago Linda's for traditional lake swimming and/or have a go at our giant slip 'n' slide! After an enjoyable afternoon, join us at Linda's for dinner from the Red River Rockhouse, a raffle, and live music.

If you’d like to become a trail leader at this great event, sign up for a Trail Leader Training Class prior to the event.

Every summer, we gather together to take care of the land that we own, creating and maintaining the trails that allow access to some of the best climbing in the world. Then, after the hard work is done we celebrate our work and the climbing community, partying well into the night. We call this day Johnny and Alex Trail Day, and it is a fantastic time. Do you know, though, the story of the two men after whom the event is named? They are pivotal to both the day itself, and the history of climbing in the Red River Gorge.

John Bronaugh was one of the first volunteers of the Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition, recognizing the need for an organization that would help ensure access to climbing in the Red River Gorge. He was also the driving force behind the PMRP purchase. He climbed and bolted extensively, spending countless hours developing walls and trails. Officially, he got the first ascent of 99 routes; there were dozens more that were never recorded. He also wrote 2 editions of the Red River Gorge Climbs guidebooks.

One of John's climbing partners was his son, Alex. Alex started climbing when he was two years old. In 1993, Johnny and Alex, along with Miguel and Dario Ventura, got the first ascent of the route "Father and Son."

Tragically, John died of a heart attack in August of 2004, and just months later Alex was killed in a car accident. They were an integral part of the Red River Gorge and the climbing community, and while the area and the people who frequent it are better off for them having been here, they are also poorer for their absence. That is why every summer we get together to work on the land they loved, the land we are now tasked with caring for. At Johnny and Alex Trail Day, we come together to honor two people who died too young and left behind an incredible impact on the community. It is a way for people to give back to the area they loved just like Johnny and Alex had done for years, doing so behind the scenes… never asking for recognition.

a photo of John Bronaugh with his son, Alex