Johnny and Alex Trail Day 2015 Wrap-Up!

by Terri

03 August 2015

Another hot and steamy summer in the Red River Gorge means another Johnny and Alex Trail Day is in the books! On Saturday, July 25, nearly 150 volunteers gathered to help maintain the land they love- and own.

After signing in, grabbing their lunches provided by Miguel’s and a brief meeting at Lago Linda’s Hideaway, the volunteers split into groups to tackle the many jobs that needed to be worked on in the PMRP and MFRP. With over 1,000 acres of land between the two areas, there’s a lot of maintenance to be done and new trails to be cut. Luckily, we have the best climbing community in the world, and our volunteers are top-notch!

In the PMRP, the work that was begun on The Shire a few months ago continued as volunteers built terraces to create a more stable base and belay area. Around the corner, a bridge to Amarillo Sunset was put in place, as was the framework for a staircase down to the belay ledge for the popular route. The improvements to The Shire were made possible by Trango- many thanks to them for help making this popular crag more sustainable!

The Flat Holler mountain bike trail was also expanded. A small army of volunteers attacked the brush and carved out more trail, which will eventually be opened to mountain bikers and allow more people to enjoy our beautiful land via human-powered recreation.

Over in the MFRP, the bulk of the work took place on the main trail. A trail was completed on the east side of the trail to the Serenity Point turnoff, allowing climbers to stay out of the mud on the main road. On the west side of the main trail, a new bridge was installed over the main creek crossing, along with a wet soil crossing bridge. In addition, the trail to Chaos Wall was re-routed and cut.

After the hard work was done, it was time to head back to Lago Linda’s for dinner and a party. The tired volunteers gathered under the pavilion and were revitalized by food from the Red River Rockhouse. Then the Bobby Maynard & Breakdown band took over and the dancing began, interrupted only by a raffle, where a great deal of prizes were won, with the proceeds going to the RRGCC! The band played well into the night as friends, old and new, hung out and enjoyed the beauty of the Red River Gorge.

Johnny and Alex Trail Day is one of the RRGCC’s most popular events and it’s clear why- hard work on the land for climbers, owned by climbers, followed by a great party! None of it would be possible without our sponsors, and we want to give them all a huge shoutout. So thanks to- Lago Linda Hideaway, Elodie Saracco Photographic, Rockquest, Climb NuLu, Gordon Food Service, Outdoor Research, West Sixth Brewery, BlueWater Ropes, L’Escalade Fitness, J&H Outfitters, Black Diamond, Trango, Bluegrass Bouldering, Miguel’s Pizza, Red River Rockhouse, the Access Fund, Driskell Home Repair, Red River Outdoors, MtnRanks, Dirtbag Climbers, and Restop.

We’d also like to thank the owners of Roadside, who donated all their donations from climbers on Sunday to the RRGCC to help offset the costs of Johnny and Alex Trail Day.

If you couldn’t be part of the fun, we can always use your help with the financial aspect of keeping up over 1,000 acres- donate here!