2013 Spring Trail Day Recap

by Mike Driskell, RRGCC Land Manager

17 April 2013

We came, we saw, we did stuff.

The trail day this last Saturday was a big success! We had 30 people attend what was a beautiful day out. I'm not much of a writer but our accomplishments are worth writing about.

Dave Jasperson led a crew moving the bridge on the trail off the Motherlode parking area to a more sustainable location. It turned out awesome and should last years to come!

Josh O'Bryan led a crew installing culverts on sections of the trail off the Sore Heel parking area to divert water from coming off the trail and the road.

Jesse Sterr and Josephine Neff led the crew spreading gravel. We had some delivered to the Coal Bank area to help with the holes until the road crew can begin work. We also had some delivered to the Sore Heel area to try and improve conditions on the hill. We also dropped a load in the Sore Heel parking to fill in the muddy areas and expand the parking some.

Peter McDermott led the crew that was cutting trees in preparation for the Flat Holler parking area – hopefully to be open by June of this year.

THE BIG PROJECT OF THE DAY – led By Paul Morley, Stephanie Meadows, and Travis Peek

Image courtesy of Travis Peek

The last creek crossing on the way to the Darkside was composed of 3 very slick logs. Paul Morley and Stephanie Meadows donated the material, planed the project, and saw to its execution. Accompanied by the RRGCC Assistant Land Manager Travis Peek and a very capable crew, they produced a fantastic bridge that far outclasses the joke of a crossing we had before!

We also began repairs to the gate leading to the Darkside. I ran out of time, but will have it wrapped up this weekend. If you can lend a hand, gimme a call: 5024178902

Good things happened and it could not have been done without your help! It's the people who made things happen that we owe our thanks to.


  • Peter McDermott
  • Eleanor Krause
  • Andrew Bundy
  • Amelia Bryant
  • Jereme Ransick
  • Travis Long
  • Josh O’Bryan
  • Bill Strachan (RRGCC Executive Director)
  • Dave “the Animal” Jasperson
  • Tim Fraser
  • Will Sweeney
  • Sally Minges
  • Pat Marrinan
  • Tim Black
  • Grant Sperry
  • Chuff-on-John Sites
  • Dan Chandler
  • Michael Miller
  • Angela Cecil
  • Brent Dupree
  • David King (RRGCC BOD Member)
  • Many Hostetlu
  • Sarah Brengosz
  • Amy Schneider
  • Benton Mcdaris
  • Sara Liles
  • Logan T Smith
  • Quinn Hill
  • Josephine Neff (RRGCC BOD Secretary)
  • Curtis Gayle Dyer
  • (Sorry if I left anyone out or butchered your name)
Special thanks to Travis Peek, the Assistant Land Manager. Without his help, it could not have happened! Thanks, brother.