2014 Rocktoberfest Clip and Go Climbing Comp

by Yasmeen

07 October 2014

2014 Rocktoberfest Clip and Go Climbing Competition @ the Miller Fork Recreational Preserve
Sponsored by Black Diamond (read: awesome prizes)

  1. Points = bolts clipped on redpoint x multiplier. (Try often. Only the highest score counts.)
  2. Stick clipping 1st bolt is allowed, but you must climb to it free.
  3. Trad routes’ points are all or nothing.
  4. Anchors = 2 bolts (so, 2 points).
Example route experience: The Hustler (with a grade multiplier of 2): 1st attempt, you clip 3 bolts x 2 = 6 pts. 2nd attempt, you clip 6 bolts x 2 = 12 pts. Your score for the route is 12 points.

Sport climbing? It doesn’t matter if the gear is hanging.
Trad climbing? Place ’em yourself.

Start time: 10:00am
End time: 5:00pm
Location: MFRP parking lot (GPS coordinates are 37°38’31.9?N 83°40’44.0?W (37.642204, -83.678900), and more detailed instructions are on your comp scoresheet and the registration PDF)

Scoresheets must be turned in to Rick or Yasmeen in the MFRP parking lot at 5:00pm sharp, with your own score tallied and entered in the appropriate spot.

You can compete alone or as a team (or both, if you buy both an individual scoresheet and a team scoresheet).

Female Jalapeno
Female Habanero
Male Jalapeno
Male Habanero
Team Beer
Team Bourbon

Final rule: if the scoresheet is wrong, the scoresheet is right.