Black Diamond Clip and Go Climbing Competition at Rocktoberfest

by Yasmeen

09 October 2013

At this year's Rocktoberfest, come out and climb at the Clip and Go Climbing Competition sponsored by Black Diamond!

Why, you say? Well…

  1. You're climbing on the property that you own (it's why we do this Rocktoberfest thing!)
  2. It’s cheap (only $15 dollars!)
  3. Great prizes from Black Diamond (draws, cams, lights)
  4. It's at the Sore Heel climbing areas (tons of classic routes)
  5. It's fun for you and easy for us ($14.83 of your entry fee goes to pay for the property)
  6. It's all about endurance (check out the rules below)
  7. It's an all day climbing thing… (starts at 10:00 and finishes at 5:00)
  8. …and you still won’t miss any of the events Saturday night
  9. If you are a guy, girls dig competitors
  10. If you are a girl, guys dig competitors
  11. Sore Heel is the place to climb on Saturday. Since competitors get priority when it comes to the parking lot, there will be significantly fewer people there.
  12. There are plenty of divisions, so there are more ways to win.
    Individuals: Habanero and Jalapeno
    Teams: Bourbon and Beer


  • Score sheets may be purchased at the Rocktoberfest registration area or at Sore Heel
  • Points are gathered by clipping bolts on redpoint. Competitors get 1 point for each bolt clipped until you weight the rope (finish the route, fall, or take)
  • All routes have a multiplier
  • More difficult routes have a higher multiplier
  • Score is points times the multiplier
  • Traditional routes have a fixed number of points
  • Belayers sign the card
  • Start time is 10 am in the Sore Heel parking lot
  • Finish time is 5 pm in the Sore Heel parking lot
  • Competitors total their own score cards
  • There are no errors with the score sheet. If the score sheet is wrong, the score sheet is right.

Winners will get their moment of glory at the event Saturday night.

Example of the scoring:
Citizen's Arete: 1st attempt: 6 bolts x 2 = 12 pts; 2nd attempt: 8 bolts x 2 = 16 pts (score = 16 points; you can try as many times as you want, but only the high point counts)
Sport climbing? It doesn't matter if the gear is hanging. Gear climbing? Place 'em yourself.

Note that access to the parking area will be limited to competitors on the day of the comp. However, the climbing areas will still be open to all. If you choose to climb at the Sore Heel climbing areas and not compete, please park in another area (i.e. Bald Rock Road, the Motherlode parking area, the Drive By parking area) and walk in.