Rocktoberfest 2013

by Paul Vidal

26 September 2013
The world meets nobody halfway. When you want something, you gotta take it. Lincoln Hawk

This is a beginning. Nearly ten years ago, we set off on an adventure that saw us secure hundreds of climbs in Red River Gorge. Today, we own that land outright and can say that climbers and climbers alone manage more than 750 acres in the Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve.

Today, we're packed and ready to set off on another journey. This one, the Miller Fork Recreational Preserve, is a 300 acre, largely undeveloped playground for climbs of all ranges.

So come celebrate with us and help us secure more than 1,000 acres of climber owned land. Let's get out there, go the extra mile, and take our future!


Natural Bridge Campgrounds, host to several past Rocktoberfests, will again be our venue in 2013. To get there, head to the Red as you normally might and:

  • At exit 33, get off of the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway
  • Turn right off the exit
  • Turn in to the rest area
  • Take an immediate left.
If you get to the rest area, we should have enough signs and be making enough noise to get the point across to where exactly we'll be. So “rest” easy 😉

This is a rough map of this year's Rocktoberfest location.

Registration and Costs

Help us do this right…pre-register today!

  • Friday: $5 ($7 at the door)
  • Saturday
    • Climbing Comp: $15
    • Party and Events: $13 ($15 at the door)
    • Dinner: $8 ($9 at the door)
  • Sunday Clinics: $30
  • T-Shirts: $10
Register Today!

Parking and Camping

Parking is available onsite, just follow your friendly volunteers to the nearest open spot. Please don't park at the Rest Area – you will be towed.

Shuttles will be run each night to and from Miguel's.

Feel free to crash and camp at the venue. We'll have areas set up specifically for camping. Alternatively, you can use the shuttles to get to and from Miguel's if that's more your scene.



      Crate Stacking – all weekend at the venue:
      Crate stacking is back again this year. With the help of Bluegrass Bouldering, crate stacking will be around Friday and Saturday nights. Make sure to take the opportunity to unseat the reigning champ, Bram.

      Rope Recycling and Raffle – all weekend at the venue, raffle Saturday night:
      All weekend Sterling Ropes will be running their Rope Recycling Program. For those of you with old ropes, toss 'em in the bin and Sterling will enter you in the raffle to win a brand new rope of their own making.

      RRGCC Gear – all weekend at the venue:
      As it is October, Outdoor Research has graced us with some custom beanies and hats to warm that noggin' of yours. We don't have all the pricing information just yet but, even without it, you should know all the proceeds go to yours truly.

      Hot Dogs – all weekend at the venue:
      Because they love happy climbers, Marmot and team will be serving up hot dogs through the night. Grab one for the road – donations go to the RRGCC and the protein goes to Saturday's sends.

      Reel Rock Tour 8 – when dark at the venue:
      For Saturday's motivation, watch some of the best footage of cutting edge climbing during the Reel Rock Tour 8 movie. When the sun drops, we'll pump up the volume.


      Clip-n-Go Climbing Comp – 9am–4pm in the PMRP:
      The Black Diamond sponsored Clip-n-Go Climbing Comp in the PMRP is the best chance of the year to jump on as many routes . The PMRP is yours while you pull down and try to win some of the best gear BD has to offer. Be sure to pre-register for the comp.. if you forget, though, show up Saturday morning at the venue and leave time to drive to the PMRP by the comp start, 9am. At 4pm, it's pencils down and we'll head back to the venue for grub and gear. We will be offering a shuttle back to the venue after the comp but it will be first come, first serve.

      Shoe Demo – morning at Miguel's:
      Saturday morning is your chance to swing by Miguel's and try a brand new pair of shoes for a day. Whether you're grabbing a pair from Evolv, MadRock, Scarpa, Tenaya, 5.10, or La Sportiva, you'll be able to find a pair that's right for you. If nothing else, you'll have a ready-made excuse for why you didn't send your proj.

      Dinner – 6pm at the venue:
      Bourbon n' Toulouse is a region classic and we won't miss the chance to bring the tasty stuff back for you. Check out their menu or just look below for what we'll be serving. Notice, we do have gluten-free options! And because we're trying hard to keep our trash impact low, bring your own bowls or expect that intense hazing will ensue!

      • Jamabalaya – Meaty, Gluten-Free
      • Red Beans with Smoked Sausage – Meaty, Gluten-Free
      • Cajun Red Chili – Meaty, Gluten-Free
      • Artichoke and Parmesan Cream with Mushrooms – Veggie
      • Black Beans and Caramelized Corn – Veggie, Gluten-Free
      • Vegan Black Beans – Vegan, Gluten-Free

      Stallone Strong
      Benchmark's George T, getting pumped for the Arm-Wrestling Tourney

      Arm Wrestling Comp – evening at the venue:
      For the second year in a row, The Benchmark Outdoor Outfitters in Lexington is running an arm-wresting tournament that will have you screaming, “I drive truck, break arms, and arm wrestle. It's what I love to do, it's what I do best.” Use the ragin' cajun power from dinner to throw down at the table while you fight for your right to win gear in a ol' fashioned, tourney-style arm wrestling competition. Buy-ins, elimination, and brackets galore, Benchmark will be running the table throughout Saturday evening so keep near their booth for the impromptu bouts. With all the dollars going to the RRGCC, you have no excuse not to fight for your right to prove your worth under the lights on the big stage. Go “over the top” this year for the RRGCC.

      Get fired up, it will be exactly like this…exactly:

      Crate stacking – all weekend at the venue:
      With two nights full of opportunities to unseat him, make sure that Bram doesn't reign as champion for another year. No one wants to hear him continue to gloat.

      Silent Auction – evening at the venue:
      With plenty of amazing gear from our sponsors, you'll be kicking yourself if you miss out on the best deals of the year at our silent auction. Head up to the party tent in the evening and get in on the action.

      Hot Dogs – all weekend at the venue:
      More dogs, more donations for helping improve, maintain, and secure the PMRP and MFRP.

      Mike Creech Band:
      To help us celebrate the start of our MFRP adventure, the Mike Creech Band will be bring the tunes. So help us tear up a rug Kentucky style.


      Breakfast – 8am at the venue:
      Simply said, Solid Rock Climbers For Christ makes one of the best breakfasts around the Sunday after Rocktoberfest. What's their secret — it's early, ready, tasty…and all they ask for is donations to support the RRGCC. If nothing else, stop by and give these folks a morning smile for showing up and fighting for us year after year after year.

      Clinics – 9am at the venue:
      One of the best things about professional athletes coming to Rocktoberfest is that they're good folks and want to share the love and knowledge. To give them a canvas on which to perform their art, we'll be hosting professional clinics taught by some of the sport's best athletes. If you missed them during pre-registration, stop by the registration desk for more information on what clinics are open and where and when they'll be held. Below is a list of available clinics:

      • Advanced Climbing by Sam Elias
      • Beginner – Learn to Lead
      • Beginner/Intermediate – Intro to Trad
      • Beginner/Intermediate – Multipitch Efficiency by Brittany Griffith
      • Intermediate – Sport and Redpointing

We're here because of you and our generous sponsors. If you get a chance, give a special “Thank You” to the sponsors this Rocktoberfest. They're here (and have been there) for all of us, making Rocktoberfest happen behind the scenes, adding schwag and fun times, and helping us secure access throughout the area.

Our Rocktoberfest Sponsors

Outdoor Research
Black Diamond Keen
Marmot Petzl
The Access Fund The North Face
Red River Outdoors Evolv The American Alpine Club Red River Rockhouse
Benchmark Outdoor Outfitters BlueWater Ropes KyMBA Five Ten
J&H Lanmark La Sportiva Miguel's Pizza Bluegrass Bouldering
Moosejaw Mountain Gear Mtn Ranks Patagonia
RockQuest Climbing Center Scarpa Sterling Rope Trango
Metolius Ale-8-One Camelbak Joshua Tree
Solid Rock Climbers for Christ Rock Candy Holds The Power Company Rocksport
So iLL Quest Outdoors Perfect Descent Climbing Systems Mad Rock
The Warrior's Way Desiderata Institute Wolverine Publishing Fox Mountain Guides Belay Specs