Brownie Bake-Off 2011

by Josephine

30 September 2011

Get out your mixing bowls, aprons, and Grandma's secret recipe 'cause we're announcing a new event for this years Rocktoberfest: The Brownie Bake-Off.

The rules are simple:

  1. Bake delicious brownies. Enough to share.
  2. Drop them at the festival site Saturday before dinner. We'll take one from the plate for judging and the rest we'll be a "donation" which will be given out to hungry festival go-ers as part of dinner.
  3. An elite panel of french-culinary-school-trained judges will bestow honors and accolades on those of you possessing the “art of the brownie”.
  4. Awards given for most awesome creation.
  5. No Funny business. This is a fundraiser and needs to be family friendly.