Win a Cabin for Rocktoberfest

by Paul Vidal

01 October 2010

Sorry, the auction is now closed and we have our winners! Thanks for the interest and for helping the RRGCC pay for the PMRP!

The Torrent Falls Windy Corner Cabin

Rocktoberfest is nigh and things in the region are heating up. If you're anything like me, you've made exactly zero logistical plans so far. So, after you've registered for Rocktoberfest, make a big on a Torrent Falls Cabin for the weekend. Minimum bids start at $100 and all proceeds go the the RRGCC. Cabins can sleep up to six people.. and those folks will have access to climbing at Torrent that weekend. Not a bad little personal getaway.. so team up and make a bid!

The Torrent Falls Climber's Cabin

Both the Climber's Cabin and the Windy Corner cabins are up for bid. For more information on these cabins, check out, our generous sponsor.

The auction ends at Wednesday, 10am sharp. The highest bid at that time will be notified and access will be coordinated then.