2015 Torrent Comp Results

by Yasmeen

02 April 2015

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Torrent Falls Climbing Comp!

Ladies Jalapeno:

  1. Larkin Beaman

Gentlemen Jalapeno:

  1. Nathan Ross
  2. Roger Bess
  3. Jeb Jarrell

Ladies Habanero:

  1. Amanda Anderson
  2. Stephanie Harrelson
  3. Sarah Brengosz

Gentlemen Habanero:

  1. Kevin Quinn
  2. Mark Wilson
  3. Jared Dean

Thank you to Dr. Bob Matheny and Craig and Wendy Bentley of Red River Outdoors for allowing us to hold the comp at Torrent Falls. Thank you to the Torrent Church for allowing us to park in their lot.