Red River Reunion 2016 Recap

by Terri King

13 April 2016

Spring is here and another successful Red River Reunion is in the books! You helped us raise over $1,500 toward preserving climbing access on the land YOU own! After starting out the morning at Miguel's with some delicious cinnamon rolls and shoe demos, climbers headed over to the Graining Fork Nature Preserve, a.k.a. Roadside, to partake in the annual Red River Reunion Climbing Competition. This was our first year holding the comp at this location and it was a smashing success! Check out the winners below!

Once the climbing day was done, everyone headed back to Miguel's to party the night away, visit sponsor booths, hang around the bonfire, and dance to music. It was great to see the community come together, once again, in support of a great cause!

Climbing Competition Winners-

    Women's Habanero:
    1. Erin Crocker
    Men's Habanero:
    1. David Becker
    2. Greg Humburg
    3. Marek Sotola
    Women's Jalapeno:
    1. Audrey Robertson
    2. Lisa Jancy
    3. Kirsti Humburg
    Men's Jalapeno:
    1. Taylor Carilo
Monthly RRGCC donations rope raffle winner: Haleigh Scott