State of the Roads and Bridges Address

by Yasmeen

07 April 2015

Spring’s rain hasn’t been kind to our roads and bridges! Please see the points below for a summary of what’s going on:

  • Bald Rock Road is passable in most all locations by passenger vehicles
  • Access to Flat Holler parking lot is not available at this time – please park elsewhere.
  • Flat Holler parking lot should be accessible by this next weekend provided weather cooperates. Next week at the latest if it does not.
  • Hell Creek Road is in disrepair, and traveling beyond the intersection of Shumaker Ridge Road and Hell Creek by vehicle is NOT advised until further notice – road repairs are contingent on weather.
  • We ask that you DO NOT travel back to Sore Heel in anything less than a 4×4 vehicle and DO NOT park along Sore Heel road during this time.
  • Parking in front of oil wells, next to oil well access roads, in the road, or anywhere where you might close the travel corridor more than 12’ is strictly prohibited. The oil company MUST have access to repair roads and maintain their equipment. Violators WILL BE TOWED.
  • Please use good judgment when parking during this time – do not impede local or company traffic in any way.
  • If you cannot find a place to park responsibly, please consider a different crag until we can repair this Spring’s damage.
  • All climbing is OPEN and always will be!
We do the best we can to balance mortgage payments and land maintenance with a limited budget, and all of these repairs are going to cost far more money than we had allocated to land maintenance in 2015. Please help us get our roads and bridges back to the condition they were in prior to the floods, and until we do, be ready for some creek crossings when visiting Miller Fork!